Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Should I be studying?

How hard does a level 3 Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care sound anyway?  Tough? Naa.
I mean, yeah, it's a lot of work and at one point I was doing assignments for 7 different units all at one time, but honestly, it's okay. It would probably be better if I actually enjoyed it though, maybe? 

So I dropped out of doing A-Levels last year after coming out of my first year with U, E, D & C. Not great I must say. I figure if I hadn't followed my boyfriend (now ex) to college, which by the way was 30 miles away and an hour and a half bus journey there and back every day, then I might have got the work done that I needed to, to pass my exams.
Anyhow, that's in the past, and I must say I do not miss having to wake up at 5.30am, but now I'm having trouble actually being motivated. At least last year I was doing things I enjoyed, like Psychology, that was probably my favourite to learn about, and yet that's the one I did the worst in. Then there was English, I only got a C at the end because my coursework was so good, I just really suck at exams.

Right now it's Easter break, I have an assignment due in the day we go back, and I've barely started it. I know, I know, I've got nearly two weeks, but I probably won't get it done. And I'll be stuck at college 'til I don't know when on that Monday back rushing my ass off to get it done. Yeah, I could be doing it now instead of writing all this crap, and I have got it all open at the bottom of my screen, it's just effort. 

I need a break from things, I mean I don't ever get a day off. Every weekday I'm at college, then weekends I have work... 

Maybe I'll start it in the second week. Maybe.

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