Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Birthday Time...

I apologise for the neglect, this past week has just been so hectic. 

So, it was my birthday on Tuesday (last Tuesday), and I did absolutely diddly squit. I still haven't been out into town, I still haven't bought any alcohol or anything normal people do when they turn 18. I'm a bore, I know. I just haven't really been fussed, I do really do birthdays anyway, but I don't really know what's wrong with me. Everyone else my age would have been out practically every night. I guess I have better things to spend my money on right now. GOD I sound old! Save me!

Anyway, so I was really excited about what I got for my birthday. From my mum I got some things for my room (when it's finally decorated)! 

This was plain until mum bought it. (an ebay buy) ;) She 'shabby sheeked' it up as she said. HAH. She sanded off some of the paint to make it look old and vintage like, then added the butterflies, and gem stones, which you can't actually see in the picture. The back mum did as well. i love it! The writing says " True Beauty lies within, yours will shine so brightly that I know it will be blinding". She was trying to get me a full dressing table, but didn't see one she liked that wasn't a guzillion pounds. 


Due to the fact that this is see-through, it was hard to take a photo where you could actually see it, hence the funny angle. On the branches there are little birds (oh hello batman ring! :D) The bracelet hanging was also a birthday present, it was from Marc's mum. :) I sort of have a bird-ey, butterfly-ey, vintage-ey theme going on in my room. Or I will have... So this jewellery stand was also from my mum.

This is supposed to be a 'notice board' but I'm going to put photos on it instead. It can be hung by that chain, or there's little hooks to hook it up instead... This was also from mum, notice a theme? :) It's all metal, I'm just scared I'm going to bend it before it gets put up. I think this was bought in BHS actually, along with my new duvet set, which I don't actually have a photo of... 

This was from my nan, this was my main present along with random bits like iTunes voucher, new memory stick, a necklace etc. This is actually really heavy (though what do you expect from a box made of glass?) It opens up at the sides like doors which has hooks on the inside for necklaces and the obviously the draws on the front... It doesn't half gather dust though!

This was from my daddy. It's white gold, with a gold smaller heart inside, and apparently 1/2 a carrot of diamond... Not to brag or anything. ;) The picture is really bad, I took it just now, in the dark so... But yes, this was my present from dad, along with some money.

Overall I think I got about £350 for my birthday, but those along with lots of other little presents from everyone made up my 18th birthday. Maybe I'll go out this weekend, who knows? But I'm quite happy spending my money shopping for my holiday! which is like 60 odd days away, by the way! So excited. Except for my jabs that I have to have...

That's all for now... Byee. 

P.S all these photos were taken on my NEW camera, which my lovely boyfriend got me... :D YAY!