Tuesday, 3 April 2012

First Step.

Excuse the hideous wall behind, I'm in the middle
of decorating.


So, like anything, there is always a first step. This is mine, sitting here, headphones in, not just stepping, but diving feet first into the world of blogging!

I apologise now to everyone that sees this and thinks WTF is she talking about. I tend to ramble, a lot. Also, obviously I am new to all of this so excuse the amateur attempt to do this.

Honestly, I only set up this blog thing because I saw a pretty one and thought, yeah, maybe I can do that.

This was about a year ago, and still very unfinished.
However, it's the only picture I have of it.
I suppose I had better introduce myself, that should have been the first step, instead of rambling. Which again, I apologise for. Okay, so I'm Kelly. I live in the south west of England and I'm currently at college doing something I'm not that into. Oh, I'm 17, soon to be 18. YAY! I don't really have a home, I mean I do, I practically have three, I just don't stay at one of them longer than a day at a time, so I literally carry my life with me all day, everyday. I have a bit of a love of music. Before I started decorating at one of my houses, my wall was literally full up of lyrics. It only started because I got angry one day and just started writing all over my wall, it took me about a year and a half to fill it all up because it wasn't any old lyrics, it was the ones that you hear and you actually hear it. y'know the ones where the music might just be on in the background and it's quiet, but that line or verse suddenly screams at you. That's what I filled my wall with. The ones that screamed at me. One of my lecturers said she thinks I have a future in writing, looking at this I'm not so sure. This is truly awful. 

Anyways, so this is me, god knows if anyone will actually see this, but hey-ho. 

Kelly. x

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