Sunday, 22 April 2012


As you all know, I'm a little bit in love with Wanelo, and through Wanelo I've found Etsyand some other websites. I just thought I'd share some of the BARGAIN jewellery I've found and love on there.

Isn't this just the cutest thing you've ever seen? It's only $3.99, Etsy.

This I just fell in love with, it's just casual, but so pretty. $15.50, Etsy.

I have a bit of a thing for owls at the moment, I'm not quite sure why... But these lovely little owls caught my eye and at only $12.99 each, how could you refuse? 1. Etsy2. Etsy.

This is just adorable, so simple but adorable. £7.95, Etsy.

At only $1.99 you can barely believe it, it's just so elegant! Gofavor.

This is actually 14K Gold Fill. At $34.00 that is still cheap! It's just so simple, but it has such an impact, or is it just me? ShopTigerTree.

Okay so I said that the elephant was the cutest thing, but oh my god. This is... Just... I'm lost for words. Awhhh. $20.00, Etsy.

To finish off we have this. A really pretty necklace that I, in fact, have myself. It was given to me as a present after I was pointing out things I liked on Wanelo. (which of course was practically the whole website!) I personally wear the key rather than the heart. Again, Etsyis our saviour. Who could resist at $26.00?

Peace Out.  


  1. You are not the only one. Wanelo and Etsy prevent me from getting hours of sleep, every night. It's great. :)

  2. Exactly! Half of the things on there you'd have no use or room for, yet you still want it. :D